We believe every Woman is Beautiful in her own right. 

Here at A Beauty Collective, we are; 

Changing The Face of Beauty, one gorgeous face at a time. We Believe in doing what’s right. We Believe in the Integrity of our work. We Believe in You, our amazing Clients.

Makeup Consultation

Let's sit down and talk about makeup! Consultations are approximately 10-15 minutes, free of cost. You will get to meet with one of our highly experienced makeup artists and discuss your desired look. Your artists will be able to get a good idea of your style, skin type, and what products will be best for you. Makeup sessions can sometimes be nerve racking if you have never met with the artists. We like to meet with our clients before so that both artist and client are on the same page and on the way to achieving the most glamorous makeup look specialized just for you!

Wedding Makeup

Let us help you get glammed before your special day! We love supporting our brides in finding the perfect makeup look to make them feel the utmost beautfil. First, we will discuss tones, desired looks, and goals before beginning. This will be done through a makeup consultation. On the big day, we will be there to execute your perfect glam!

Makeup Lessons

Do you struggle with just one part of your makeup that you just wish someone else would do for you? Well when booking a mini makeup session one of our artists can do just that! In just a very short, convenient appointment we can help you do whatever you need! Whether that is eyeliner, eyeshadow, or your base, we got you!

Full Makeup Session

Treat yourself and let us take away the stress of doing your own makeup. We are determined to support women and help them achieve their most desired makeup looks. We like to highlight each client's natural beauty and enhance it with whatever makeup they are drawn to. From skin prep to setting spray a beauty collective is here for you!

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