Eyelash Extension Styles Explained

Eyelash Extension Styles Explained

The 101 guide to the lash hype

There is so much more to Dallas-Fort Worth than Stockyards, BBQ and highways. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is a hotspot for some of the best beauty treatments and has some of the most talented beauty professionals in the nation.

If you had to choose a beauty service, which would it be?

The beauty hub of DFW is where the trendy west meets southern charm, and the women here LOVE to be pampered. From lashes and brows to hair, skin, nails and injectables, you see it all here. Maintenance like this can not only be time consuming but costly. So many times women are caught between choosing  between the services that best serve them and their lifestyle.

eyelashes, hair and brows are most requested service
Lashes, brows and hair on point

In my experience as a beauty artist at “A Beauty Collective”; a premier lash and brow studio right in between Dallas and Fort Worth, Lashes, brows and hair tend to be the top go-to services for most women here in DFW. This is because these highlight the features people notice first when they look at you (eyes, hair, face). Brows are a must because without them you have no frame to your face. Lashes help you look young, awake and allows you to look put together without makeup. Hair, because you can hide a lot of aging, express your style and look healthy with a good color and cut. The fourth thing we always hear women saying they can NOT go without; after lashes, brows and hair, is nails.

Eyelash extensions?!?!

Let’s consider eyelash extensions. What is the process of applying extensions and what looks can you achieve with professionally applied eyelash extensions? If you have heard all of the eyelash style buzzwords but are STILL completely lost on what is best for you, keep reading! I’m going to clear up all of your basic lash extension styling questions.

Eyelash Extensions Styles explained

Eyelash extensions increase the length and volume of natural lashes by attaching one synthetic or natural fiber to your natural lash. This procedure gives the client longer and fuller lashes without the need for make up.

There are 2 material types when it comes to eyelashes extensions; Silk and Synthetic. Synthetic is the choice mostly used industry wide these days because the curl can be adjusted. There are also different sizes available starting at 6mm, which is the shortest length. The longest length I have seen is 22mm and it’s NOT HEALTHY FOR ANY PERSON. I, as a professional lash artist who cares about the health and safety of the client, believe no lengths should be longer than 18(mm). Even 18 is to be placed on a strong natural lash that is no smaller than 16mm. We offer 4 level of extensions; Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega. I have seen a trend in the industry where artists may only do volume ranging from light volume to mega volume lashes.

Classic lash to Mega Volume Lash

The best thing about professional individual eyelash extensions is the many different looks that you can achieve. These looks are based on the length and strength of your own natural eyelashes plus the size and shape of your eye. Keep in mind your look is up to you!


This style is the most natural look and is great to achieve length to a lash line. One individual eyelash extension is applied to one natural eyelash. If you like long, piecey, natural lashes this is the look for you.


Volume eyelash extension style involves attaching multiple lightweight extensions in a fan-like arrangement to each natural eyelash. This style is great for more of a full, dark fluffy look. Volume can also be applied lightly for a very natural look. If your eyelash artist makes hand made fans than volume will have the best retention. Unfortunately, many lash artists now have switched to pre-made fans that are missing the bonding capability as well as the customization.

Volume eyelash extensions by A Beauty Collective in DFW TEXAS
Volume eyelash extensions by A Beauty Collective in DFW TEXAS


Hybrid are a mix of both classic and volume extensions for a more in-between look. Think of this like a “little more than mascara” look. This is a favorite lash look because the client can have the length of classic with the fullness of volume. Best of both worlds!

Mega Volume

Mega Volume eyelash extensions are where we take the finest extension and we make a very dark but fluffy lash fan. This very dense fan is shorter than your natural lash length. Keeping the lash length short ensures the health of your natural lash. Layering is done to ensure you get dark as possible.

The Perfect Addition

Beyond these styles there is also curl and color that can be adjusted. Eyelash extensions are the perfect addition to your face and instantly make you look young, fresh, awake and can be customized to accentuate or hide features.

If you find yourself in Mid-Cities area, Colleyville, Keller, North Richland Hills or H-E-B Texas book an appointment with A Beauty Collective staff member and get educated more about the beauty that are lash extensions.

A Beauty Collective is "changing the face of beauty"
A Beauty Collective is “changing the face of beauty”

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